Live and direct from the newsroom, it's been a short week, but topics abound.

This week we're talkin':

00:57 - Spotted Zebra raised a seed round of $1.8 million for its workforce platform. Fiona sees this as great news for the skills gap sector, as the 'zebras are 'powering the shift to skill-based organisations’.
01:24 - Lithuania’s SME Finance added another €100 million to its pot thanks to London-based Fasanara Capital.
01:45 - Czech Republic has a new investment fund for AI start-ups. (AISI) AI Start-up Incubator is aiming to raise €20 million to support early-stage AI-driven companies.
02:03 - CampX by Volvo Group announced that they will also be adding a focus on fintech innovations going forward to ‘better support their customers with productivity and sustainable solutions’.
03:10 - OpenAI’s ChatGPT is entering a world of regulatory pain in Europe.
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06:16 - Who's enforcing this? Is this like a Sicilian task force?
08:00 - The horse has already bolted.
08:24 - Remember EyeEm? Well, it looks like they're now ByeEm. Here's the story. 😞
08:45 - Robin sold a photo.
10:39 - Lifetime earnings: $4.28.
15:45 - Cate brings us death tech. Again. I'm starting to sense an obsession.
20:27 - Do they have to be dead?
20:44 - I want to be smoked after I'm dead.
22:37 - Robin's one more thing: Raspberry Pi has received fresh investment from Sony’s semiconductor unit.
24:24 - Could it get me a beer?

All this and a whole lot more on this week's Drive at Five!

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