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Fewer and fewer people are surprised to hear that Christmas, Easter and other popular holidays owe their existence to ancient pagan celebrations. At this point, it’s becoming common knowledge.
The real question Christians need to ask is this: How does GOD feel about these repurposed days of pagan worship? We can say we’re doing it for Jesus—but is it something Jesus actually wants?
Join Phil Sandilands as he traces the history of these holidays while explaining why God cares about the days we celebrate in His honor.
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From Holidays to Holy Days: God’s Plan for You
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You have questions. The Bible has answers. Life, Hope & Truth Presents is a show that explores what the Bible has to say about who God is, what He’s doing, why it matters—and, of course, where we fit into it.

Why are you here? Why does God allow evil? How can we be sure He exists? What does He expect from us? How will His Kingdom transform the world? Join us every two weeks for a new episode tackling these questions and more.