Ordinary Astronauts

Dan and Nathan discuss the reasons why the crying CEO selfie felt so wrong, then talk about why hiring a tutor is easier than you think and is definitely worth it, then explore the exponential impact that solid execution can have on a business, then Dan tells us all about his 7-day silent meditation retreat.

Show Notes

Four topics this week:
  1. The crying CEO meme. What went wrong there? Why would someone post something like that? The answers are deeper and more interesting than you might think.
  2. The unreasonable effectiveness of 1:1 learning. You might not think it's worth the time, money, or effort to get a private tutor. You might think nobody tutors people for the thing you're trying to learn. If so, you might be wrong! In this segment, Dan shares how he convinced one of his favorite authors to teach him how to write a novel. The tactics and principles are broadly applicable. 
  3. Execution is exponential. In case you needed more motivation to go deeper in your craft, Nathan shares some interesting math that shows just how valuable good execution can be for a business. 
  4. Dan's 7-day silent meditation retreat. If you've ever been curious about meditation, zen, or silent retreats, this segment is for you! Dan shares all.

What is Ordinary Astronauts?

Two friends explore tech, product building, and the psychology of work. Hosted by Dan Shipper and Nathan Baschez, co-founders of Every, a writers collective that feeds the minds and hearts of the people who build the internet. We study businesses and we study humans.