Checkin' Tendies

While the majority of this episode is goalie talk we do promise it mentions actual hockey.

Show Notes

We talk everything that has happened in the womens hockey world in the almost a month since the last episode. 
1:00 The new mascots around the league 
5:18 Tera played in a pro game!
5:50 pants and our fashion advice 
8:20 The PHF standings
9:18 Whats happening around the league and goaltending 
18:20 refereeing in the PHF 
21:30 Montreal's home opener
23:24 The PHF international break
27:00 Rivalry series 
31:16 PWHPA showcase
34:25: Puck personalities questions

What is Checkin' Tendies?

Checkin’ Tendies is your one-stop shop for all things Women’s hockey. With a professional women’s hockey player as one of the co-hosts, Checkin’ Tendies brings all sorts of perspectives to the sport.