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We implement technology to build optimal business relationships and sales processes. David shares a business idea that instead uses tech to optimize interpersonal connections with friends and family.

Show Notes


  • Consider how you can take what works in business relationships and apply it to a personal setting.  

Action Steps:  

  1. Start with a small test group of people interested in improving relationships. Provide basic coaching and action steps that are kept track of through a simple calendar app and checklists.  
  2. Check back in over the course of weeks and months for feedback on how the process is proceeding.  
  3. Work towards feedback from people that indicates they are extremely satisfied with the quality of their relationships—ideally they are functioning better than ever.  
  4. Build an investor pitch deck with this data.  
  5. Alternatively, build some simple forms and procedures that help guide folks through specific types of conversations, such as a conflict negotiation.  
  6. Rank high or advertise on search for appropriate searches, such as: "how to resolve a conflict."  
  7. Let the user who initiates the process invite other parties to work towards a common relationship goal using the methodology.  
  8. Grow the network through these invitations.  
  9. Read 5 books on relationships. Narrow down to the few basic principles. Help people implement simple but effective relationship building strategies and provide consistency, especially in the MVP version of this project.  
  10. Build an MVP using standard PC or Mac process building apps to help reinforce users' relationship building habits. Create processes and workflows in apps like Google Calendar that people are already using.  
  11. Create a workflow that allows users to request important dates from people they care about and automatically feeds them to their calendar.  
  12. Don't be afraid to do manual work and leave automation for later stages!  
Follow through on these action steps and email us your results at You'll get exclusive access to a private Facebook group of action takers and one listener will earn a free mentorship call with our guest, and potentially, a business partnership.  

David Demember is a co-founder of Toi ( and a Design Sprint Facilitator. David has trained and facilitated workshops for Sennheiser, Glide, WeWork, Red Bull, Kraft, Waste Management, NBC/Universal (to name a few). Besides teaching Design Sprints, he loves coaching youth sports as well!

What is Run With It - Business Ideas from Successful Entrepreneurs?

Successful CEOs have plenty of new business ideas. Aspiring entrepreneurs are in need of them. Run With It bridges this gap, bringing you business ideas and action steps from established entrepreneurs. Follow through and you can earn a free mentoring session with our guest, and potentially, a new business partnership.