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For the first time ever, Murray Kruger (Kruger Construction), shares his personal story on a podcast. This is the stuff you don't hear about on social media. ⁠

Show Notes

Murray Kruger (Kruger Construction) ⁠is more than just a content machine will millions of followers.

He's a father. Business owner. ⁠Car enthusiast. ⁠And a lot more. ⁠

He's had many defining moments that have shaped his life. ⁠

In this episode he shares...⁠

How he manages his work ethic and when to rest when burnout is lurking. ⁠

What it's like being a father and the values he hopes to instill in his kids. ⁠

What it's like being a business owner and things that keep him up at night. ⁠

The good days.

The days where laying in bed is the only manageable thing. ⁠

And so much more. ⁠

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What is Bred To Build - Construction Podcast?

Our podcast is dedicated to sharing industries stories of people who get sh*t done. Whether you're a bags-on trade or an industry leader, we focus on the people who are bred to build. The people who wake up and move construction forward.

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