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We talk with Molly about getting out of your own way to create a coaching business that you actually want to own and share with the world!

Show Notes

In this episode of @CoachingThruIt podcast Laura and Julie welcome guest Molly Mandelberg, to talk about marketing, building your business, finding your niche clientele, and more! Molly is the Founder of Wild Hearts Rise Up, Creator of “Magnetic Influencer Collective” and also hosts two podcasts: Tactical Magic” (p.s. Laura is on Ep. 127 Transition) and Reveal the Game of Life.
After spending years mastering content creation and online marketing, Molly finds her bliss in bridging the worlds of heart-centered healing and transformation, with the practical business strategies of leveraging a message into a global movement. She is a certified NLP Coach, an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, a Transformational Leadership Coach and a full time nomad. Connect and find Molly at:
We learned so much about how we are marketing our coaching business and how to align our values with our messages and content copy -- here are a few things we talked about:
  • Hypnosis
  • Wild Hearts Rise Up Oracle Deck & Guidebook
  • What level of Thought Leader are you? (quiz)
  • Question: What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to your life/business/services?
  • Free Stuff: Attracting Clients, Money Machine Blueprint, Website Building, etc.
    • Tell your clients WHY this free stuff is valuable and important
  • Molly’s Offerings: Find out how you can work with her to support & grow your business
    • How clear are you with your niche? How do you work with your clients now? What do you want next?
  • Toastmasters
  • Tips for Ending a Client:
    • It’s your client’s responsibility to find what they need
    • Build a referral network to support your coaching clients!
    • Share what you could offer with more coaching sessions or programs
  • Advice: Don’t give up, trust yourself, and ruthlessly invest in yourself when something feels right for your own coaching practice.
If you’re thinking about your own coach business marketing & communication:
  • What is your coaching niche? 
  • How do you create a business you actually want to own?
  • How are you targeting your coach marketing? 
  • What is the language of your people?
  • How are you resonating with your clients?
  • How do you know when to end the client relationship or have them move on?
Want to learn more about coaching? Have a question or topic we should discuss? Let us know!
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