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Project Management: What tools and techniques to manage the performance improvement solution from beginning to end? (AOE 1. Performance Improvement; Sub-section 1.8. Project Management Tools and Techniques)

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Show Notes

 AOE 1. Performance Improvement; Sub-section 1.8. Project Management Tools & Techniques
Learning Objectives for Project Management:
  • Explain the importance of project management as it relates to a performance improvement initiative
  • List several project management tools and techniques that contribute to the success of a performance improvement initiative
The ideal way to support performance improvement is to have a pragmatic schedule of activities and steps to help with successful solution implementation. The last episode 1.7 discussed how to facilitate this process improvement methods; whereas this part of the performance solution will focus on seeing this process improvement through to project success.

These project management tools consists of planning, organizing and controlling work to attend to the needs of the project, tasks, phases, work, and resources. A project manager knows what happened from the past (learn from past mistakes) and plan for the future as you stay in the present (react to surprises). 

A few project planning tools are:
  • Software tools
  • Planning worksheet
  • Time management
  • Project goals
  • Project life cycle
  • Project roles
  • Project tools
Certification in Project Management
Follow these stellar project managers I have learned from in higher ed:
My Recommended Project Management Tools & Tech:
More about this in AOE 6. Managing Learning Programs; 6.11. Project Planning Tools and Processes (future podcast episode).

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