The James Xander Trip | Psychedelics, Spirituality & Mindset

Episode 25 — Damian Schechter (@damian_theallrounder) joins James Xander (@emperorjames) on The James Xander Trip, for a deep, DMT-infused conversation about his psychedelic adventures with Changa, Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Kambo, and other plant medicines, and what he's learned from each one.

Thank you Damian for joining me for a second time on the podcast, and sharing wisdom and experiences with me. Always a pleasure.

Tune into episode #18 to hear the first conversation I had with Damian, where we dove into his experiences with breathwork and mushrooms (psilocybin).

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  • (00:00) - Introduction
  • (02:38) - Psychedelic Beginnings
  • (09:43) - The Trail of Transformation
  • (12:17) - San Pedro
  • (21:26) - Sananga
  • (26:30) - Facing Your Shadows
  • (27:47) - Reiki Healing
  • (33:08) - Changa & The DMT Experience
  • (44:54) - DMT Psychic Precognition / Integration
  • (52:16) - The Holographic Reality
  • (58:18) - How Ayahuasca Found Damian
  • (01:03:35) - Kambo Experience
  • (01:08:29) - First Night of Ayahuasca
  • (01:13:52) - Ayahuasca and Death (Profound Moment)
  • (01:20:58) - Second Night of Ayahuasca
  • (01:23:10) - Surfing the God Frequency
  • (01:24:43) - Integrity and Surrender
  • (01:29:42) - Trusting the Plant Medicine
  • (01:34:35) - Stay Open-Minded
  • (01:38:18) - What’s Next
  • (01:41:52) - Conclusion
  • (01:44:34) - A Final Word of Advice

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