Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast

It's been way too long since we've had a Paralympic athlete on this show and finally today we rectify that with an incredible chat with Australian para triathlete Anu Francis about her extraordinary career. We find out from Anu her incredible journey to getting into para triathlon and just how she went from not knowing how to swim, to winning a silver medal at the World Championships within three years. We also find out just how she went from para badminton to para rowing to para triathlon and how her very unique condition was a catalysts to get her heavily involved in the world of sports after initially turning to another career. Added to this we find out more about her rivalry and friendship with her key medal opponents come the Paris Paralympics, find out just why her artistic skills may bring a unique gift to the world and discover just why a Welsh prison affected one of her most important races of her career. It's an amazing chat with so much to learn from, so sit back and listen and enjoy! 

What is Off The Podium - An Olympics Podcast?

Three men who dreamt of Olympic glory but have as much athletic prowess as a piece of cheese, bring you weekly Olympian interviews from every corner of the planet, as well as entertaining and insightful analysis from all things related to the Olympic Games.