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In this episode, Charlotte Isambert, developer at BAM Labs, shares insights on architecture, emphasizing the importance of splitting code into features and following domain-driven design principles. Charlotte also introduces the QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) and explains Ship Show Ask methodologies, which focus on problem-solving and efficient code reviews. Additionally, she highlights the benefits of adopting a one-feature flow approach and provides general recommendations for improving code quality in React projects.

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Charlotte Isambert


  • Splitting code into features and following domain-driven design principles can improve code organization and maintainability.
  • The QRQC methodology encourages understanding the root cause of bugs and implementing preventive measures to avoid similar issues in the future.
  • Ship Show Ask promotes efficient code reviews by allowing developers to indicate when a review is unnecessary or when feedback is desired.
  • Adopting a one-feature flow approach, where the entire team focuses on one feature at a time, can improve code quality and knowledge sharing.
  • General recommendations include actively participating in open source projects, continuously learning and improving, and implementing problem-solving techniques.

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