Marketing Mashup

In this episode I chat with Jack Gaisford, Jack is the founder and managing director of V21, a video marketing agency based in Kent. He also makes some excellent content on LinkedIn, building an audience of businesses, brands and influencers that engage with his content on a weekly basis. One of my favourite things about Jack is his perspective on video marketing and content in general, which focuses on quality, consistent video content as opposed to the one-off, corporate content we're all used to seeing online in which Jack says is not the way forward.

This is an awesome chat where we cover a whole range of video marketing topics from how to utilise LinkedIn as a video platform, why you need to be authentic with video and the difference between video production and video marketing. Enjoy.

What is Marketing Mashup?

The weekly marketing and entrepreneurship podcast where I jump into interviews with some of the most interesting people I have met throughout my career. From CMOs and agency founders to social media executives and freelancers, you'll hear their different perspectives on marketing and how to build a brand.