The Interop

Lava is a modular data network for scaling access to any blockchain. The network can flexibly support any RPC and API. Lava works with rollups and blockchains to consolidate and improve their node infrastructure. Providers are rewarded for their quality of service, so your users can fetch data and send transactions with speed, data integrity and uptime. Lava helps developers build web3-native apps on any chain.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:05:48 Lava's USP
00:10:22 Uber for blockchain data
00:13:39 RPC and Relayers
00:23:26 Lava's paradigm and how it works
00:31:47 How does the matching happen?
00:39:48 Clustering mechanism
00:42:29 Participants in Lava functionality
00:51:55 Modular Stack - Lava's contribution
00:56:10 Light Clients
01:01:04 Road to mainnet

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Sebastien Couture
The Interop

Creators & Guests

Sebastien Couture
Founder, Interop Ventures
Omer Mishael
Chief Architect, Lava Network

What is The Interop?

Technical deep dives with the entrepreneurs and developers building the decentralized economics networks which make up the Interchain. The Interop is hosted by crypto investor and podcaster @seb3point0.