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BGB Master Teacher Sydney Walsh teaches Risa how she makes steak, shares insight on mushrooms as she cooks them LIVE, and connects it all to your audition + self-tape practice. “You can follow the recipe and still be deeply creative.”

Just like cooking… as an actor, you must create space and time to prepare a meal and allow it to simmer and grow into something delicious. This goes for your self-tape or audition as well- being fully present in order to allow your imagination to inform what you create and be in the process of making something new each time. You must allow each “take”- each dish- to unveil itself in the moment, accepting and inviting that it will be different and fresh every time, trusting the process of cooking it, and thus enabling a more profound, pure, and inventive creation.

What is The Acting Podcast?

The Acting Podcast with Risa Bramon Garcia (director, casting director, producer) & Steve Braun (acting coach, communications consultant), founders of The BGB Studio, takes you inside the craft, the casting room, and the business- and bringing other Industry experts into the conversation- we dig into the work, pull back the curtain of the Industry, and show you how much power you really have as an artist.