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Show Notes

Content Plus Commerce
Host: Blake Puryear
Guest: Nathan Otwell
On this episode Blake is joined by Nathan Otwell
[00:01:07] - Nathan’s background
[00:05:52] - Paid media campaigns, go to tools
[00:08:40] - What is your agency “hero” story
[00:13:49] - Paid media, traditional in-store vs eCommerce
[00:20:32] - Coming trends in paid social that will catch people by surprise

Quotes from the Episode:
“Big brands can actually use Facebook and instagram ads the same way that they
would buy any other type of media.” [00:04:00]

“Let’s say your drop off is like 60% between your collection page to your product
pages, well that means your collection page isn’t converting very well.” [00:06:51]

“Facebook and Instagram is the equivalent of dropping this physical location store into
the biggest shopping mall in America.” [00:14:46]

“The power of retargeting and the power of loading your product feed into Facebook
and having those carousel display ads is a core foundational of any brand selling
online.” [00:20:04]

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