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Keep leaning forward; bound to proper posture. Enjoy the crucifixion of complacency.

Show Notes

♥ Shovel

Right alignment. Proper posture. Better focused. Fully present.
Bent knee. Clear mind. Pure heart. Honest action.
Push forward. Rest smoothly. Burn hard. Stay true. 
Love fully. Give freely. Make amends. Serve gladly.
Look closer.
Slow further. Draw nearer. Encourage.
Crucify complacency. 
And with happiness, with fullness, with fortitude
And very still now; with certainty...
Keep leaning forward.

Shovel was written, recorded and produced by Eamonn Cottrell. Image used with permission from unsplash.

♠ fna show

  • the fna show is brought to you in part by consecrated consciousness and the crucifixion of complacency. More is being revealed. More will be revealed

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What is the fna show?

fna is an aural excursion through thought. it is an experiment in sound and idea. it is a terrible champion. listen at risk. fear to listen. crucify complacency.