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Craig Button is the Director of Scouting for TSN and joins Dean Millard each week for Tracking the Draft. This episode we discuss Cole Perfetti in Top Shelf Talent, Luke Tuch and Martin Chromiak in The Next Wave and a former Selke Award winner from the Dallas Stars is compared to a current London Knight in Time Machine.

Show Notes

Craig Button is the Director of Scouting for TSN and joins Dean Millard each week for Tracking the Draft. 
In Top Shelf Talent Craig and I discuss players who are projected to go in the first round, choosing from the Top 40 on Craig's List. This week it's Cole Perfetti, maybe the smartest player in the draft. He was the CHL Scholastic Player of the Year and always seems to be 2 steps ahead on the ice. Like Neo from the Matrix. I asked Craig about his skating and received a terrific response. 
In The Next Wave Craig and I discuss players who are projected to go after the first round, where great players, superstars and Hall of Fame players have been taken. Luke Tuch from the USNDT is a big, speedy power forward who plays a role on the PK and will thrive in the middle part of the line up. Martin Chromiak plays both wings and get the puck away in a hurry, one of the youngest players in the draft - still 17 - he might one day have his own spot on the ice where he rips one timers. Craig relaid a great story about Jarome Iginla and working on accuracy. 
In Time Machine Craig tells a story regarding a past player and the NHL Draft while relating it to a player in this year's draft prospect pool. Former Dallas Star Jere Lehtinen as Craig put it was the most important part of the great Stars teams of the 90's and when he was separated from Mike Modano, the Hall of Famer did not like it. The player that Craig sees qualities of Lehtinen in with this year's draft is London Knight forward Luke Evangelista who like Lehtinen can slide anywhere in the line up and play any style. 
Craig joins us each week courtesy of the UFFS Hotline, become a scout and track the same players Craig and other scouts do, join up at www.UFFSports.com and get paid for your eagle eye when it comes to future stars.
You can find full episodes and more at www.TrackingTheDraft.ca. 

What is #TrackingTheDraft with @CraigJButton?

Tracking the Draft with Craig Button is a weekly 45 minute podcast hosted by Dean Millard featuring former NHL General Manager Craig Button who is currently the Director of Scouting for TSN. We will focus on the upcoming NHL draft in a number of different ways.One segment, titled Top Shelf Talent will feature a projected 1st round pick. Another segment will focus on players projected to go after the first round, titled The Next Wave. Time Machine will be a segment where we look at past drafts with stories from Craig and comparisons to a current draft prospects.
A short Prospect News segment and a trivia contest will wrap around the draft discussion between Craig and Dean.