Trine Humanities Symposia

Trine University’s Humanities Symposia continues as Melissa Mayus, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Humanities and Communication, discusses “Sacred Space and Creating a Saint in Medieval Iceland.” Mayus will offer a presentation on Hrafns Saga Sveinbjarnarsonar, a medieval saga that tells of the life of a real 13th-century Icelandic chieftain and physician named Hrafn. Hrafn was a pious and generous man who nonetheless ended up dying in a violent blood feud. The talk will examine the way Hrafn and his home are described in the saga in order to argue that the author was trying to make Hrafn into a saint and portrayed his death as martyrdom. Those who attend can expect to hear about medieval medical practices, blood feuds and sacred spaces, both Christian and pagan, in 13th-century Iceland.

What is Trine Humanities Symposia?

The Humanities Symposia is a series of presentations and discussions that cover a wide range of topics related to the humanities. It was created as a university outlet for scholars and artists searching for a place to present their research outside of academic conferences. The Symposia allows them to share their research with Trine as well as the local community. For more information about the Symposia, contact Melissa Mayus, Ph.D., assistant professor in Trine’s Department of Humanities and Communication, at