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This is a storytelling episode. It is called "The Smallest Hummingbird"; it is a story about courage and bravery, teamwork and unity; it is a story of the landscape above us, the sky.

Music from Bensound - Instinct.

Show Notes

I have not found the original source to this story- if by the Native Americans, the tribe that told this tale has not been found. Nevertheless, the story is not only a powerful parable to ignite our imagination but also one that shows you can make a difference, no matter your situation and circumference and no matter how small the act may be. The union between the land and the sky animals also highlight the importance of co-operation and unity in solving challenges, highlighting more than ever in the world we live in that the ecological and social and climatic changes we face can best be resolved when we put our heads, hearts and bodies together. 

What is THITPIN?

Thitpin podcast is a fun and exploratory mission to uncover the layers of landscape, our relationship towards it and beyond what we define as our landscape to unearth and connect with people and places, ideas and history thereby connecting ultimately with landscape itself.

Each month brings a range of guests such as, from a monk to an environmental journalist, designers and artists, whose expertise, passion and knowledge will give us all the perspective of what it is like to experience the landscape from their standpoint.

A combination of factual research with intimate, personal and passionate conversations, this podcast is a must listen for curious minds that want to go in depth on a journey of uncovering and exploring the landscape around us.