Office 365 Distilled

Firstly if you want to  Governance at the South Coast Summit (join their workshop at Practical Microsoft 365 Baseline Governance – South Coast Summit

As always the show is improvised around a few great ideas and this time it’s about Myth busting and Marijn throws in a Sideways thinking at the beginning “Hello Mr Watson”  to the end   “Shift Left” Check it out.

We think about a few things before starting on the main topic, like Cortana, that hot non-AI chick, and if CoPilot is about questions, will voice conversations return....  Hey CortanAI... 

The Boys decided on a few things that people generally believe are true and bust the myths!!!

Today we look at how good Search really is and Steve learns a new bunch of stuff about Search and then we look at Users, Back Up and Malware...

So listen in and check out if the following is true, well actually they are all Myths....

·       Is Search Holy?
·       All users are the same!
·       Is Everything Backed Up?
·       All Content is Scanned for Malware!

Check in and work out the reality of the myths.

Creators & Guests

Marijn Somers
Microsoft MVP. Freelance Microsoft 365 expert focusing on user adoption and governance. Trainer. Licensed watchmaker.
Steve Dalby
Podcaster "Office365Distilled" Driving Collaboration Business Goals, Speaking about Governance, Whiskey taster and imbiber all round father and good guy.

What is Office 365 Distilled?

This podcast is presented by Marijn and Steve; two experienced Microsoft 365 and SharePoint consultants. In each podcast you will get a smile or two with a chunk of interesting and practical help in Microsoft 365. Then you get introduced you to what we hope is a Whisky you have not tasted before.