Huron City Radio Drama Presents

As progress came to Huron City, a young healing woman called Grace was banished to the woods for using the old ways. But when William, the sick son of the Mayor, comes to her for assistance, she sees a route back into acceptance from the city, plus it happens that William is strong and rather easy on the eye to young Grace.

Show Notes

The Witch in the Woods

Grace is a healer who uses the bounty of nature to give balm and healing to the sick. But her ways were banished from Huron City, a town ripe with progress and embracing the dawn of the industrial age.

However, when William, the sick son of the Mayor who banished Grace, comes to her for help, she sees a route back to acceptance within the city, and a chance to bring her healing ways to all.

Grace's sister Emma warns her that the people of the town are much harsher than those of the country, and that they will use Grace to their own ends. Grace is unperturbed; William is sick and she has a self-proclaimed duty to help those who need it. Plus, William is a handsome and captivating and it has been lonely in the woods.

And once in the City, Grace encounters resistance from William's wife Maude and father  Mayor Franklin. Will Grace be able to help cure William before she is discovered, and will she get her wish of her healing arts being accepted back into the city?

What is Huron City Radio Drama Presents?

A series of 30 minute Radio Dramas originally broadcast in The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski. Tales with a supernatural undercurrent from the world of Huron City Radio, entertainment for the ears.