Host Allison Dyjach interviews local musician and promoter Brian Schied and owner of Short Finger Brewing Co, Rob Hern. Broadcast live from Short Finger Brewing Co in Kitchener. 


Brian Schied has been playing shows in Waterloo Region for the past decade. He plays in several punk and metal groups including Bad Egg, Stolos, Spook The Beast, and Fat Scheid and The Merry Melodies. He was also the former General Manager and booker of Chainsaw when it was open (RIP). Brian is a big supporter of the local music community and currently runs the KW Punk Metal and Hardcore community groups on Facebook and Instagram. 

Rob Hern is a beer lover, BJCP certified judge, and avid home brewer who has been working in the beer industry for the last ten years. He started home brewing at Trent University and launched Short Finger home brewing supply store in 2015, and expanded to become a full service brewery in 2018! Since then Short Finger has become home to many amazing events including concerts, laser tag competitions, festivals, art markets, food pop ups, and more. 


STEVEDAVE (420AM), Christian Economides (Way Back Home), Bad Egg (ActivismTM)


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