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Elon Musk tweeted follow the white rabbit, a reference from the movie The Matrix. We are experiencing the greatest pushback against the establishment in the history of mankind. However, the question is, can we win?

Show Notes

Elon Musk has become Chief Twit. He has taken over Twitter and is continuing to tweet about free speech. He is exposing the Twitter Files, which shows Twitter's plans to censor free speech along with the US Government. Twitter is limiting people's ability to tweet about certain topics, and they have been trying to silence certain people. This podcast exposes everything we know so far.

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What is The Jonathan Kogan Show?

The Jonathan Kogan Show brings you the most important, underreports news (and hot takes) that you need to know but the mainstream media is not covering. If you are searching for the truth, and of course the cold hard facts, then this podcast is for you. But, if you are looking for fake news and distractions from the real news, then you will be better off going to CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. We do not cater to any corporations or powerful elites, but rather everyday peasants who simply want to know what is really going on without the propaganda.

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