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Ben Manley shares the nuts and bolts of running a web design agency like a product. He shares how he provides quick turnarounds, low prices, and live collaboration while other agencies can’t.

Show Notes

  • The story behind Knapsack Creative, Ben’s design firm, that goes against the grain - and why he designed his business model that questions common advice, like always charge more.
  • How Ben’s tiny 3 person team, low pricing, and a fast, fixed turnaround approach came about.
  • The exact structure Knapsack implements including: the reasoning behind their one day turnarounds, the concept of timeboxing, and their weekly innovation system.
  • How Ben used product design to rethink his company/service’s structure.
  • How Knapsack is designed around Ben’s personality, and structured to let Ben do what he loves: no email, meetings, or design prep.
  • How Knapsack helps clients be more decisive with preparation and makes sure they nail it on delivery day’s live collaborative design session.
  • How they keep costs low with questionnaires, making sure project’s don’t lag beyond their timeline, and get great feedback from clients. 
  • How they make sure client’s love their outcome and where they draw the line on quality.
  • Pitfalls to avoid if you want to build an agency with a similar model.

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A podcast about how to be effective at independent remote work featuring companies like Disney, Basecamp, Convertkit, YNAB, and more.