Into the Bytecode

Jango and Nnnnicholas are contributors to Juicebox Protocol, the programmable funding protocol that has powered ConstitutionDAO, SharkDAO, and AssangeDAO.

Show Notes

This is my conversation with Jango and Nnnnicholas from Juicebox Protocol. Juicebox is a playful but ambitious project: the DAO operates as a full-stack instantiation of the protocol it's building, and fully reconceptualizes the relationship between contributors and shareholders. It has powered projects like SharkDAO, ConstitutionDAO, and AssangeDAO in the past.

0:00 intro
1:37 an alternative to traditional org structures
9:53 philosophical alignment
27:30 the key mechanisms of the Juicebox Protocol
35:51 fundraising mechanics and the extensibility of Juicebox v2
46:05 a DAOs’s origins shape its culture
54:46 guiding principles for compensation
1:02:06 working backwards from the future
1:12:11 the subtraction philosophy and Ethereum as the Big Bang
1:31:25 StudioDAO and models for permissionless DAOs

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