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How do I map out my company's work process? What does it mean to be strategic? We have just the episode for you! Today we have Casey Cheshire, Founder & CEO of Ringmaster Conversational Marketing and Podcast Host of The Hard Corps Marketing Show & Creating The Greatest Show. Casey discusses with Sajeel Qureshi how important it is to have a strategy. Strategy is all about having a goal and how to get there. Having a goal in mind and figuring out what actions you can do to get there is key. Casey gives us his tips on how to listen to your customers and how to step out from behind your computer in order to grow a relationship with your clients. Tune in to this great episode!

RevOps Myth:
  • Marketing does not inherently matter.

  • For marketers, just because your technology stack is big. It doesn't mean you're making a difference in your company. You have to put yourself out there and actually make yourself busy rather than making it look like you’re busy.
  • Learning technology is normally the first step marketers learn when it shouldn’t be. Learning about the process of the company should be the first thing marketers should learn.
  • Try to implement training for the companies that you’ve worked with. When doing this you will find gaps within the company that you can correct such as stuck leads and communication issues.
  • Figure out what it means to be a strategic marketer in your company. Marketers will tend to overuse the word “strategic” without knowing what it means. Strategy is all about having a goal and how to get there.
  • It is very important to figure out what goal you want to set for yourself and your company. It is always good to have some goals in mind for yourself and your business. To solve this, ask yourself some questions, where's this company going exactly? Where does the CEO wanna take it?
  • It is always important to step out from behind technology and go out to talk to customers. Build that personal relationship with them. Listening to them can create trust between you and your client.

Quote of the Show:
  • “I want people to do marketing automation right.” (18:35)


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