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In this episode, I sit down with Arron Shepherd, co-founder of The Goat Agency - an influencer marketing agency. In a fascinating chat, I talk to Arron about what influencer marketing actually is, how it works and how you can be effective with it. We also talk about starting a daily company vlog, as The Goat Agency have done exactly that.

Show Notes

Arron is the co-founder of social and influencer agency 'The Goat Agency', along with his former colleagues Nick Cooke and Harry Hugo. The Goat Agency are a leaders in influencer marketing with offices in London, New York, Singapore and Monaco working with everyone from start-up companies to global brands such as UEFA, Lidl and British Airways.

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In this episode we cover:

  • What is influencer marketing?
  • What does The Goat Agency do?
  • Guaranteeing results as an agency
  • How to consistently deliver results
  • How to hire the best young talent
  • Why starting a vlog in 2019 can be so effective
  • Can influencers be used in B2B?

You can find their Daily Vlog here.

Arron's LinkedIn.

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