Finneran's Wake

The inaugural "Concise Recap" on Finneran's Wake! For those short on time, but on long on curiosity; for those to whom news and politics are an interest, but whose time is limited.

The three most important news items of which you should be aware, with which you should be fluent, all brought to you in a half-hour's time:

1.) A racially-motivated shooting in Buffalo claimed the lives of 10 people, whom the assailant–a young white supremacist–deliberately targeted.

2.) The stock market suffered its worst week since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The financial future of the country appears to be, at best, inauspicious.

3.) The Disinformation Governance Board, whose creation was announced just three weeks ago, has dissolved.

An enduring thanks to Duke Ellington for his musical contribution, and his inimitable genius.

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