From Pain into Purpose hosted by Andrea Baumann

Claim your power, and create the life you dream of. It is up to us, nobody will come and save us. 

What is From Pain into Purpose hosted by Andrea Baumann ?

Hosted by Andrea Baumann, a Certified BodyTalk™ Practitioner, Author of the book - From Pain Into Purpose- and Emotional Wellness Coach with over 20 years of experience.

The following podcasts are designed to help YOU realize that you ALWAYS have a choice in life. Andrea wants to share her life experiences as she feels that they will be of value to someone else. One big inspiration is her clients, as so many times they have said to Andrea you should be talking about this “out there”.

Both of Andreas’ parents committed suicide. Her dad in 1996 and her mum in 2012. Through this unbelievable journey, she has gained an understanding of herself and the world around her. She is now ready to share. Thank you for being here. /

Disclaimer: Andrea Baumann is not a medical doctor. The information on this website/podcast is educational in nature and is not intended as medical advice.