A Question of Code

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A peek behind the scenes of a tech conference, looking at how talks are selected and prepared.

Show Notes

AQoC takes on a new flavour this week with the addition of our first ever guest: the magnificent Tony Edwards, organiser of the Future Sync tech conference. Tony tells us all about the history of the conference, and graciously answers a lot of questions about the process of becoming a speaker.

What does a typical talk-application look like? How are submissions reviewed by the FS team? What makes a great talk topic? And why would you even want to give a talk in the first place? Find out all this and more in this week's blithesome instalment of A Question of Code.

As an extra special treat for our listeners, Tony has also created a discount code for tickets to Future Sync 2020. Use the code AQUESTIONOFCODE for 10% off your ticket at checkout.

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What is A Question of Code?

A newbie coder and a seasoned veteran discuss the questions that always come up when someone begins learning to code.

Ed is looking at getting a career in programming and has been learning to code for just over a year. During this time he’s been building up a stack of questions that keep coming up from other newbie coders. Luckily, he’s got someone he can ask for help: Tom. Tom’s a seasoned coder, having worked in the industry for a few years now and has all the answers Ed needs, or does he?