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In this episode I talk with Sarika Khanwilkar - PhD candidate at Columbia University and Founder of Wild Tiger. The mission of Wild Tiger is to conserve India's Bengal tigers and their habitats by conducting social and ecological research in central India, understanding captive tigers in the US and engaging and empowering communities in central India and in the United States.

Show Notes

In this conservation podcast Sarika Khanwilkar and I explore a range of topics including:
  • Do captive "generic" tigers have any conservation value?
  • How would you define a tiger sanctuary?
  • What is tiger farming and cub petting?
  • How are wild tigers impacted by America’s captive tiger trade?
  • What are ligers? And is it ethical to breed them?
  • What are some other threats to wild tigers?
  • What are some conservation strategies to protect tigers and their habitat?
  • Plus more!

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What is Conservation Tribe?

The Conservation Tribe is a weekly podcast which interviews a range of conservationists and natural world enthusiasts - from scientists, students, creatives, ecopreneurs, innovators and everyone in between! I created this podcast with the mission to EDUCATE, foster COLLABORATION and ultimately INSPIRE ACTION to protect species, ecosystems and biodiversity!

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Podcast host: Blane Edwards aka Earth Offline