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"In yoga, our job is to stay open, to explore whatever comes into our sphere of awareness with a sense of curiosity and play, to allow ourselves to become fascinated by whatever comes alive for us in the moment." – Karina Guthrie

Show Notes

Karina Guthrie is a yoga teacher at The Practice with a background in academia studying psychology and philosophy.

We covered a lot of ground, touching on:

📚 why her parents would confiscate abridged books from her as a child and the book she would love to write one day.

🏫 the story of how she left a career in academia to follow her curiosity in the yoga world

🧘‍♀️ the importance of becoming more Kinaesthetically literate in the 21st century

📖 the difference between knowledge and lived wisdom

❤️ favourite untranslatable words

💫 thoughts on yoga as a spiritual technology for re-connecting us with the 'bigness of the universe’ and all that which takes us beyond ourselves.

❓Listener Question >> “What is the project or creative endeavour that you’ve been putting off – and what might be a way to start it before you feel totally ready?”

You can follow her bombshells of wisdom & thoughtful yogic musings @karina.guthrie on Instagram.

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