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Steve Chapman is a 20+ veteran of the government finance world.

Show Notes


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Here are the timestamps for the episode.

(1:13) Steve‚Äôs background 
(5:15) Pursuing a career in finance 
(6:25) First job in investment banking 
(8:48) Learning to not take attacks personally in business 
(11:20) Early career success improving manufacturing process 
(17:00) Motivation for working in government 
(18:57) Thoughts on risk 
(24:03) His approach to career moves 
(29:33) Thoughts on vendor partnerships 
(34:56) Advice to young ambitious people 
(37:57) Community Investment Agreements 
(42:57) Lessons he likes to share during speaking engagements and thoughts on leadership 
(49:39) Book recommendation 
(52:48) 4 Hour Work Week 
(55:10) Communication 
(58:22) Family reading 
(59:06) Purchase of $100 or less 

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