Autonomous IT

Welcome to Automox’s Insiders podcast, your behind-the-scenes look into Automox, hosted by Maddie Regis. This podcast will introduce you to the creative and dedicated individuals driving the progress of our product. Each episode uncovers the unique stories, insights, and experiences of the people working behind the product. Join Maddie as she uncovers the human stories at the heart of Automox’s technological innovation.

Creators & Guests

Maddie Regis
As the host of the Automox Insiders podcast, Maddie offers an exclusive glimpse behind the curtain of Automox. Each episode, crafted with care under Maddie’s direction, delves into the personal journeys, professional milestones, and the rich, diverse experiences of the individuals who fuel Automox's innovation. Through her engaging storytelling, insightful conversations, and sense of humor, Maddie not only highlights the technological prowess of Automox but also brings to light the human spirit driving its success.

What is Autonomous IT?

Go from monotonous to autonomous IT operations with this series. Hosts from Automox, the IT automation platform for modern organizations, will cover the latest IT trends; Patch Tuesday remediations; ways to save time with Worklets (pre-built scripts); reduce risk; slash complexity; and automate OS, third-party, and configuration updates on all your Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints. Automate confidence everywhere with Automox.