Expert Insights – Black Dog Institute Podcasts

This Expert Insights podcast explores how health professionals can prevent burnout as well as useful tips for coping with ever-increasing workplace demands. The podcast also discusses practical interventions for managing burnout amongst health professionals.

Show Notes

Ways to recognize, prevent, and manage burnout have been on the minds of many health professionals, particularly over the past few years. Black Dog Institute has developed a free, evidence-based resource called The Essential Network (TEN) in response to research on burnout in healthcare workers to address this issue. This Expert Insights session explores the findings of Black Dog Institute's research on burnout and the TEN service, the potential benefits of TEN, and we also hear first-hand perspectives on burnout from a supervisor of health professionals and from BDI’s Lead researcher on the TEN program.

Jodie Wassner: Developmental Psychologist, Curious Kids.
Matthew Coleshill: Postdoctoral Fellow, Black Dog Institute. 

Dr Sarah Barker: Clinical Psychologist

What is Expert Insights – Black Dog Institute Podcasts?

Expert Insights by the Black Dog Institute is a series of podcasts each tackling an important mental health topic and providing insight and expert knowledge from and for health professionals.

Black Dog Institute is a global pioneer in the identification, prevention and treatment of mental illness and the promotion of well-being. Our unique approach incorporates clinical services with research, education and the voice of lived experience to reduce the incidence of mental illness and suicide, remove stigma and improve lives.