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One of MCFA’s brand promises to our employees is a fulfilling career. While the responsibility for ultimately finding fulfillment is individual, today, you’ll find out how MCFA has built an environment and a culture that facilitates this brand promise and enables someone to navigate a rewarding career.  
To learn what fulfillment is, why it matters, and much more, stay tuned for some thought-provoking conversations with your host BJ Kraemer!

Key Points From This Episode: 
  • Why a meaningful career is an important part of a happy and fulfilling life. 
  • What makes a job rewarding, including location, compensation, and vocation. 
  • Four “freedoms” that commonly motivate entrepreneurs. 
  • The importance of working toward something meaningful for yourself. 
“Nobody is responsible for fulfillment except for you. – While I can’t take responsibility for anybody’s fulfillment, I can be very intentional in creating a culture, environment, and systems that enable somebody to navigate a fulfilling career.” — BJ Kraemer
“There’s no magic wand [for] creating a fulfilling career.” — BJ Kraemer 
“Whether [you’re] leading somebody on their career journey or leading yourself on your career journey, fulfillment is not [something] you wake up and all of a sudden have. I think that fulfillment generally comes from working toward something meaningful for yourself.” — BJ Kraemer 
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