It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark

Truth is our own internal wisdom that defines who we are. Finding our own truth means figuring out the difference between what we’ve been told we should be verses who we really are. Often times in the past our true feelings, passions, opinions and experiences were ignored, rejected, or just not encouraged. When we can relearn to identify what our own truth is, we are able to put into action what our heart and soul desires. 

Marcella Raimondo, PhD, MPH is a passionate and spirited clinical trainer speaking from her heart on social justice and eating disorders since 1995. In 1997, Marcella worked with About-Face, a nonprofit organization that addresses media impact on body image serving as the Director of Media Literacy until 2005. Today, she is on the About-Face Board of Founders and a consultant. She is also on the Advisory Board for the Association of Size Health and Diversity (ASDAH), on the Board of Eating Disorder Recovery Support (EDRS) as Past President and serves as Co-Chair of the Academy of Eating Disorders Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee. Marcella currently serves as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY# 27037) in Kaiser Oakland’s  eating disorder clinic as well as in private practice. Marcella, herself, recovered from Anorexia Nervosa over 20 years ago. Marcella trains in Kajukenbo at Hand to Hand Kajukenbo Self Defense Center in Oakland. She holds a second degree black belt and enjoys the exploratory path her training gives her. Her recovery and her martial arts training inspire her dedication to multicultural body nurturance and community celebration. For more info, visit
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What is It's Not About Food Podcast with Laurelee Roark?

It's Not About Food podcast is about learning how to love and accept the body you have, re-learn how to eat intuitively and to know how to take care of your emotions.