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Grey Baker is the co-founder and CEO of Dependabot a bootstrapped company making over $14k every month. He built Dependabot after 4 years at GoCardless and cycling around the world. Oh, and he just sold it to GitHub.

Show Notes

Grey Baker is the co-founder and CEO of Dependabot which is a service that makes it easy for developers to keep the third-party dependencies their code uses up-to-date.

Grey has had an interesting career, starting out at McKinsey to then helping grow GoCardless from 6 to 100 people before embarking on a 7 month cycle tour around the world and then settling back in the UK to build Dependabot to $14k MRR. It wasn't quite as easy as that though! In this episode, we talk about Grey's ups and downs of building a bootstrapped SaaS business, as well as a little bit of insight into his time at GoCardless.

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