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Nate and Alex take you through three different scenarios for the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft. The guys act as the Bills GM while also keeping what the team would actually do in mind. In scenario 1, Nate and Alex let the best player available fall to them at #9 and take Ed Oliver, DT from Houston. In scenario 2, the guys set out on a pre-determined course to trade back from pick 9. Washington leaps up to 9, sliding us back to 15--where we select Clemson DT Dexter Lawrence. In the final scenario, the guys select Ed Oliver again at 9, then try to trade back into the late 1st round for TJ Hockenson or Noah Fant. We discover how difficult it is to leap back into that first round...

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Weekly Buffalo Bills news, notes, and analysis. We discuss and debate everything and anything Buffalo Bills related and occasionally delve into other football related topics.