A Dog's Life with Anna Webb

This week Anna is joined by dog Behaviourist, Karin Lee, who talks about her working Bloodhounds who have helped the police with man-trailing and tracking down people, a bit like in the movies. We chat about the Bloodhound as one of the oldest breeds, and their superior olfaction which has been deployed over the centuries. Bloodhounds were used in the search for Jack the Ripper, and Henry the Eighth loved hunting with them. Bloodhounds became famous again in the 1970’s for being the face of the Bonio advert. But sadly the breed is now in decline, as a British Vulnerable breed, and facing extinction. Not a breed for everyone, but one that clearly has captured Karin’s heart. We discuss scent work in detail and why any dog can benefit from the enrichment of tapping into their nose potential.

Find out more about Karin and man-trailing here.

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