Underestimated: Stories for Women

Today’s episode is selfishly a little different than the typical Underestimated show. First of all, I’m releasing two episodes in one day and in light of mother’s day. I’m interviewing both of my Moms. To be clear I have two moms from separate marriages, but they have both been a part of my life since a very young age. I consider myself really lucky to have not only one, but two amazing role models. This episode will be with my mom, Dianna Goodman. I think you will all get a kick out of it!

Show Notes

One of the kindest, strongest souls I know comes from my step mom, Dianna Goodman. I've learned so much from this woman and would not be the same person without her in my life. She taught us about the power of listening, the importance of always doing the right thing and how it's never acceptable to underestimate or speak ill of anyone. I think you will all see just what a loving, kind, giving woman she is from this episode. Love you Mom. 

What is Underestimated: Stories for Women?

A podcast highlighting empowering stories about women being underestimated and how they rose above to establish their worth. Listen to real stories from real women dealing with everyday hurdles and discussing what they learned.