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For the sixth episode of Untangled we went to Barcelona to follow the IOTA Foundation Research Summit 2019. The entire Research Department was for the first time ever all gathered in the same place and many fruitful discussions, ideas and possible solutions came out of it.

The two main topics at ReSum were Coordicide and Attack Analysis, which Alon Gal, Research Scientist on the Coordicide Team, and Bartosz Kuśmierz, Research Scientist on the Attack Analysis Team, will discuss on this episode of Untangled.

Besides these two technical topics, Alon and Bartosz are also sharing their impressions on the experience of ReSum, the value of teamwork in the scientific field of work and the process of researching uncharted waters.

Show Notes

Host: Casper Eicke
Music: Øystein Skullestad

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What is Untangled?

Untangled is a podcast exploring the IOTA Ecosystem and beyond. Every other week we talk to experts within their fields about how distributed ledger technology can benefit in real world use cases.