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Tiara and Dean sit down to chat with our long-time Letterkenny fan, and fellow podcaster, Valerie Lopez to get a little Frenchin' on and dig into Season 5, Episode 6 - Bock et Biche

Show Notes

ALERT:  There will be spoilers of Letterkenny Season 7 in this episode. - From 40:46 to 49:46

S05/E06 – Bock et Biche
Guest:  Valerie Lopez
Music:  M3$H
Pre-show:  (0:00:00 - 0:14:00)

Recap of S05/E05 – Back to Back to Back (0:13:54 - 0:15:10)

  • Thanks to:
    • Guest: Jake Whitco of Wrestlethon
    • Music: Finding Freedom
S05/E06 deep dive – Bock et Biche (0:15:10 - 0:29:38)

Thoughts/Theories/Trivia/Questions/Observations: (0:29:38 - 0:40:46)

  • Trivia/Term: A “bock et biche” is not really a thing in Quebec, but it is, by other names, in Ontario and Manitoba (stag and doe, wedding social, etc…).  It’s NOT a bachelor/bachelorette party, but a party to help raise money for the bridge and groom to help pay for wedding expenses.
  • Trivia: the whisky they drink is called Guy & Bruce.  It has cats on it.
  • Trivia: Their Salon d’Agriculture is basically the French Ag Hall.
  • Observation: Look how wide open Wayne’s eyes are when looking at “The woman”.
!!!SPOILER ALERT!!! (0:40:46 - 0:50:00)

Fuck – Fight – FERDA:  (0:50:00 - 0:57:34)

  • It's basically ALL FERDA
  • No fuckin'
  • Couple of little scraps
Post-show and farewells:  (0:57:34 - 1:08:43)

  • Final thoughts…
  • Cosplay judging!  Congrats to Aaron Shown!
  • Next Week:
    • Episode: S05/E07: The Three Wise Men
    • Guest: Erik O'Doyle
    • Music: James Hunnicutt
  • Farewells

Artist of the week:  M3$H
Location: Norfolk, VA / Huntington, WV

Album: M3$h, DRUG$ & FOR3VER *ep*
Song:  Kreepy Season

Album: *single*
Song: Split Personality
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