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Our brave heroes venture deeper into the horrors of a haunted mental hospital in virtual reality!

Show Notes

Welcome back to the Aliens & Asteroids podcast from Moebius Adventures!

This week we continue our adventure in the virtual world like that of Ready Player One or other cyberpunk-adjacent VR realms. Last time our space cops began to explore the creepy confines of a haunted mental hospital. This week they continue getting deeper and deeper into the madness...

If you want to know more about Moebius Adventures, Aliens & Asteroids, or Tattered Magicks, you can find us on the web at,, and At our main site, you can find all our social media links. We'd love to hear from you! And if you have a few extra coins and want to help us out, we're running a Patreon page as well. Every little bit helps!

And we're happy to report that Tattered Magicks is now available for ordering in electronic (PDF), softcover, or hardcover form at DriveThruRPG. Pick up your copy today!

As always, we hope you enjoyed listening as much as we had playing!


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What is The Moebius Adventures Aliens & Asteroids Podcast?

Thanks for joining us to join some actual play games with Moebius Adventures! We're a small tabletop role-playing game publisher with aspirations to explore whole universes of adventure! Moebius is the creator of Aliens & Asteroids and our latest game, Tattered Magicks!

This podcast will focus on Aliens & Asteroids (to avoid clashing with our other one which as been focused on Tattered Magicks).

If you're interested in more from Moebius, check out our website at and look for us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We're everywhere!

Our products are available at thru our partners at Gallant Knight Games, and Aliens & Asteroids is up at Amazon!

Thanks for listening!