The Bible Reset

Uncovering what's really going on in the book of Ruth

Show Notes

The book of Ruth is often miscast as the Bible's version of a "Christian romance story," which significantly reduces its meaning and power. Carolyn Custis James helps us see Ruth through the appropriate historical and cultural lenses, and we explore the ways in which Ruth and Naomi's story is one full of bravery, sacrifice, creativity, and hesed.

The Gospel of Ruth:

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What is The Bible Reset?

If the Bible is so important, why is it such a struggle to read? The truth is, many Christians have been inadvertently set up for failure with the Bible. We need to hit the 'reset' button. Glenn Paauw, Paul Caminiti, and Alex Goodwin from the Institute for Bible Reading host discussions that break down misguided assumptions about the Bible, offering fresh perspectives on reading and living it well.