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The Lamer Gamers actually play games this week on ! Listen to this mini-cast about what the Lamer Gamers will play this week and how you can join in the fun!

Show Notes

Hello Lamer Gamers this is simplyTravis and Rowdy5000 for the Lamer Gamers Podcast!

This week we are going to do something new…something special. WE’RE GOING TO PLAY GAMES! 

Rowdy – “Don’t we do that all the time though?”

Travis -  “Yeah, but we’re going to stream them this week”

Rowdy – “Oh, nice”

Travis – It’s the LAMER GAMERS ACTUALLY GAME  - GAMING WEEK! We’re going to stream a game every day of the week at 4pm Pacific/ 5pm Mountain/ 6pm Central/7pm Eastern on – Rowdy what are you playing next week and what days?

Rowdy – Monday 4/20 simplyTravis and I will be visiting each others islands on Animal Crossing New Horizons. It’s gonna be an MTV cribs style episode. It’s also the first time we’ve seen each other's islands. Should be interesting.

Tuesday 4/21 Resident Evil 3 Remake from the beginning. It’s my second playthrough of the game and I'm gonna play as much as possible, maybe even play through the whole game.

Travis – And on Wednesday and Friday I’m going to be playing the game I never stop talking about…Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire! I will be roleplaying the character Bartleby : The Beckoner of Bad Ideas by reading all of his choices and narrating everything that is not voice acted in the game. I have imported the “Everything Bad” save from Pillars of Eternity 1 and will try to tick off the gods even more! So join me and Bartleby as we hide behind a shield, throw explosives, and let my literal skeleton crew do all the fighting! Now I will be streaming as Bartleby a couple times a week and we’ve already had more than 150 views of this series on Youtube so far! 

On Thursday we'll join up with the Game Witness Discord to play some Smash Bros on the Switch! 

If you can’t catch the stream live, don’t worry! We’ll upload everything to the Lamer Gamers Youtube page so you can keep up with all the fun! 

Next week we will be back to our regularly scheduled podcasting with the April News Round Up! See you guys next week…

Rowdy – Don’t you mean starting Monday …we’re going to see them Monday when we play Animal Crossing and show off our cribs.

Travis – Oh yeah! See y’all Monday and thanks for listening the Lamer Gamers Podcast!

What is Lamer Gamers Podcast?

Hello Lamer Gamers! We host a gaming podcast where our main quest is to have fun and give you a combination of gaming news, views, rumors, along with special BONUS POINTS topic where we reach out to the Lamer Community to gather other points of view on hot gaming topics. Now with ridiculous gaming parody commercials!
Podcasts that don't follow these two formats are considered SIDEQUEST episodes with a specific focus such as rantings, ravings, reviews, spoilercasts, "nerd alerts", Top 10's, games vs history, and more!