Fate of Isen: A Kiwi D&D Podcast

Avast, Fateys! The high seas be sufferin' the greed and waste of trash-dumping scoundrels! The Sidebars best be makin' 'em walk the plank!


Kasia Czarkowska-Guzuik as Granny Sabinka
Severin Gourley as Dexter Clementine
Jules Daniel as Bradley Bardley
Erika Jayne as Taryn Grim
and Julz Burgisser as DM

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Intro, outro, and recap music by freesound user, Tyops, and ambient sound by TabletopAudio.com

Creators & Guests

Jules Daniel
Quirky and offbeat comedian from Wellington, NZ
Julz Burgisser
Julz from NZ has been a Professional DM with Questbook running games for many players all over NZ and is pretty excited to share new adventures written for the World of Isen with you all. ​She is super proud to be representing the female identifying folx of RPG in Aotearoa and hopes it will encourage more people to give roleplay games a go. Let's play! Julz played the role of Marley Kraff in Book 1, and now takes over as DM for Book 2!
Kasia Czarkowska-Guziuk
Kasia Czarkowska-Guziuk (she/her) immigrated from Poland to Aotearoa. She has been performing in Wellington for 4 years, and is still afraid to venture outside the city walls. In 2018 she was one of the founding mothers of an all-female sketch show "Cheap and Perfect presents Expensive Shit". She is also a founding member and writer for Captain Caketin - the best sketch group in Wellington. A quiet nerd most of the time, Kasia is no stranger to riding a unicorn into a dungeon and attacking a room full of bugbears on her own. At level one. Without spell slots. We look forward to seeing what energy and fun Kasia brings to Isen in Book 2.
Brad Zimmerman
Creator of Isen, DM, editor, and recovering comedian.

What is Fate of Isen: A Kiwi D&D Podcast?

The Fate of Isen is a fun and loose Dunegons and Dragons actual-play podcast from Aotearoa New Zealand. Join the quest as incredibly unlikely heroes (played by kiwi comedians) fumble their way through saving the world of Isen. There are empires, gods, demons, giant kiwi, and so much more!

Book 1 was DM'd by Brad Zimmerman.
Book 2 is DM'd by Julz Burgisser.

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Ranked as one of the top D&D podcasts in the world.