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In this follow up episode of Sparks by Ignium Phil Rose again talks to Julie Kratz. Julie is an Inclusive Leadership Trainer, diversity trainer, Podcast host and TEDX Speaker. In this episode Julie and Phil take a deep dive into the world of DEI and Allyship. Julie shares her thoughts on the many dimensions of diversity, both visible and ‘invisible’. We cover lots of subjects that you’ll find useful especially as many people begin to return to the workplace post pandemic and are further surrounded by the subject of DEI…

Show Notes

Diving Deeper and taking off the Swim Floats in the Swimming Pool of Allyship with Julie Kratz

(Some of) The main points for listeners:

·       How we can reach out to support people in our workplace and community with the simply phrase “I care about you”

·       Supporting both Mental health and DEI by really showing up and bringing our full selves to work

·       The power of ‘Flip it and Test It’ (Are you biased? I am Ted Talk by Kristen Pressner)

·       How labels ‘define’ us often incorrectly but they stick!

·       How Calling Someone IN rather than OUT can be powerful

·       Notice how our words really matter

·       If you don’t say anything are you simply ‘accepting it’

·       The need to disrupt the status quo

·       Loretta J Ross “Don’t Call People OUT call them IN”

·       How letting go of some of our FEAR can drive change…

·       Scarcity and Abundance…

·       How simply asking “What’s different about us” can really help celebrate that difference

·       Top Tips for becoming an Ally:

o   Never apply the label of the ‘group’ to the individual …

o   Avoid stereotypes

o   Apply the beginners mind and be open

o   Look at WHO you are communicating with – what’s your ‘group’ made up of?

o   Build Empathy

o   Be clear about your WHY for being an ally – we’re all motivated by emotion so make a connection

o   Build habits that fully support your journey as an ally

·       How the human mind distorts, generalises and deletes to keep us safe…

·       “How you do anything is how you do everything” and what it says about you

·       It’s ‘painful’ to change for many of us so how can we soften that change impact?

·       How creating your BHAG in business can drive that change you want when you make it inclusive and personal

·       What are your natural gifts – use them and relish them… completing a SWOT and noticing what’s different and a strength for us and others

·       Show up as an ally from a point of strength

·       The trends for 2022:

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