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We hear all sorts of people appearing on podcasts. From children to retirees, from founders to college students, from musicians to executives. From CEOs to the recently graduated. But why appear on podcasts?

Everyone does it for their own reason. This CEO of a publicly traded company makes time in his incredibly busy day to appear on podcasts. Saagar Govil is the CEO of Cemtrex (NASDAQ: CETX) and one of its AI security companies, Vicon Industries. He could do many things with his time, but he invests time, money, and resources to appear on podcasts, and share the story, vision, insights, and project updates, all while connecting with new people from all over.

And in this Content Matterz episode, this CEO of a publicly traded company tells us in his words, why he appears on podcasts.

This podcast was created by the team at KazCM.

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