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In this week's episode, we dive into the magical world of fragrance and its various online factions, from Fragrantica-posting girlbloggers to the designer cologne peddlers of the Manosphere. We discuss celebrity perfumes (including Bella Hadid's mystifying new alchemical elixir, Orebella), historical fragrance zeitgeists, the spectrum of accords from fantastical to hyperrealistic, the looming threat of edgelord aromatic stink bombs, perfume's associations with youth, sexuality, temporality, and language, and more. 

Orebella by Bella Hadid
Gen Z Wants to Smell Rich. It's Driving Luxury Fragrance Sales – Bloomberg
Fantasy by Britney Spears Commercial
Are We in a New Era of the Signature Scent? – Nylon
@fragrantnerd on TikTok
Paradigm Issue 03, featuring Sweat by Paradigm (BTS on Instagram)
The Granarchist Scent Revolution: Why "Old Lady" Fragrances are Booming – Suzy Nightingale
Fragrance Players Enjoy Double-Digit Growth, Driven By Demand For Premium Labels – Forbes
Beauty & Wellness Briefing: Fragrance continues stunning growth across an increasingly bifurcated category – Glossy
Sexy Fragrances That Drive Women Nuts – Kevin Samuels
Jeremy Fragrance on YouTube
@colognefortnite on Instagram, this reel specifically
Teen Boy Inexcusable Evil TikTok Reporting by Funmi Monet
When Did Teen Boys Get a Nose for $300 Cologne? – New York Times (came out after we recorded lol)
Post-Fragrantica Manifesto – Audrey Robinovitz for Dirt
Eat Your Lipstick on Substack

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